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All About Bedbug Exterminators: Finding A Service, Detection, Treatment And More!

Bedbugs are small, wingless insects that thrive on blood. These insects are not microscopic, so you can spot infestation in form of eggs (which look like poppy seeds), actual bedbugs (typically brown or black in color), or through stains (brown/black stains may be excreta) on linens and clothes. Bedbugs can survive for days without feeding and always remain in hiding, so the tell-a-tale signs are not always same. However, if you wake up with bite marks or have itchy skin, you should call a bedbug exterminator for help. Often, it can take days before you see marks on the body.

Not all bedbug exterminators are same in terms of services offered. In this post, we are discussing a few basic aspects about these services in detail.

How are bedbugs detected?

Besides the obvious signs, bedbug exterminators like https://solutioncimex.com often rely on canines and other equipment to find bedbugs. It is important to hire a company as soon as possible, because these insects can multiply quick, and more important, these can be found in other parts of the house, often through movement of clothes and belongings. Canine detection is still in use and works in most cases, and some of the most trained dogs are used for the job.

Getting rid of bedbugs

Typically, most companies use hot rooms or steam to get rid of bedbugs and eggs. In case of hot rooms, the temperature of room is increased to a certain level, which kills the insects, while steam works in a similar way and is considered to be a more planet-friendly and economical choice. If certain furniture items are to be removed before clearing of bedbugs, the bedbug exterminator can choose to freeze the same, which will also kill the insects. Insecticides and selected products can be recommended and used in certain cases.

Selecting the right bedbug exterminator

The best bedbug exterminators are part of professional organizations and they try their best to minimize the overall impact of their services on the environment, for which they may choose to go for approved, sustainable products. Of course, a company must be licensed, should have necessary permits to offer their services, and must be insured. They should also have their own team of experts and workers for the job and should be accessible as required.

Don’t wait for a bedbug exterminator if they take more than a day to respond back – This is a situation that needs immediate professional intervention.

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