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Secure Your Home with a Trained Guard Dog

Have you been looking at ways to protect your home? Are you not sure whether to invest in a CCTV system or a trained guard dog? Finding the right solution for your premises is important, you want something that will secure your property and keep your family and belongings safe. A highly trained guard dog is beneficial for a wide variety of reasons, but before you get a dog, you should know you are getting a protector and companion.

Types of Dogs

As you already know, some breeds of canines aren’t suited to being guard dogs. They aren’t as obedient as some breeds and they lack the physical stature that other dogs possess. A chihuahua is never going to scare a burglar away or keep your family safe, a thief would simply laugh if confronted by this breed of dog. On the other hand, if you choose from the list below, a burglar would certainly skip your home and move on to another target.

  • German Shepherds
  • Rottweiler
  • Doberman

All of these breeds are great for protecting your home, they are obedient, loyal and great to have around children. Typically, any medium to large sized dog is going to make a burglar think twice about trying to access your home, but the 3 breeds highlighted above are particularly suited for protection.

Gentle Giants

Although Rottweilers, Dobermans and German shepherds are quite large in size, they are gentle giants. They don’t just act as guard dogs, they are also friendly, playful pets. German shepherd puppies are lively, bouncy breeds, making them great to have around children. As they grow up, they are easy to train and perfect for using as guard dogs.

Most dogs are cautious when someone unknown approaches their owner, but trained guard dogs know how to be intimidating. They know when a stranger is a threat and they’ll act fiercely when needed. Guard dogs are also desensitized to loud sounds and threat gestures, they aren’t scared of encounters because they’ve been trained to respond in a certain manner.

Incredible Reflexes

If you’ve ever seen a trained guard dog in action, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they respond to threats and commands from their owner. They have much faster reflexes in comparison to untrained dogs. If you train a dog yourself, you’ll find that it sometimes takes 2 or maybe 3 commands to get a result, this is not the case with a trained guard dog.

Absolute Loyalty

Dogs are naturally loyal animals, but guard dogs take this a step further. They only listen to their owner’s command, so they cannot be bribed or distracted. They are similar to soldiers, ready to carry out instructions from their commander and chief.

Just because your dog isn’t a puppy, doesn’t mean you can’t still have them trained to be security dogs. Although it is important to train them when they are young, they can still be trained when mature. Aside from protecting your home and your property, they also make great companions. Guard dogs are loyal, loving and full of playful energy.

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